1.    The instructor shall make his services as an MSM instructor available to the pupil for the sole purpose of giving the pupil Driving Tuition at the rate per lesson from time to time agreed.

2.    The instructor shall have the right to substitute another MSM instructor for the purposes of giving all or any of the lessons if the instructor is not available for any reason whatsoever.

3.    In the event that the instructor is unable to substitute another MSM instructor for a specific, or in the event of mechanical breakdown or other cause, the instructor reserves the right to rearrange the lessons to a time convenient for both parties.

4.    The instructor will carry motor insurance covering the pupil whilst driving the tuition vehicle when accompanied by an MSM instructor or a Driving Standards Agency Examiner.

5.    The lesson fee will be paid in advance of each lesson.

6.    If the pupil fails to give the instructor a minimum of two working days notice cancelling any lesson, the pupil shall be liable for the lesson fee in respect of such lesson.

7.    The pupil agrees the s/he is duly licensed to drive the tuition vehicle.

8.    It is hereby expressly agreed that this agreement is made solely between the instructor and the pupil and that no contractual relationship subsists between MSM and the pupil. Accordingly, the pupil acknowledges that MSM has no liability to the pupil in respect of any injury, loss or damage arising from the use of the tuition vehicle or from the acts or omissions of the instructor or any other MSM instructor substituted under (2) above.

9.    Payment in respect of the current or next booking may be made to the instructor or directly to MSM Ltd. Where payments are made directly to the instructor, MSM does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any acts, default or failure on the part of the instructor not to carry out his obligation.

10.   The pupil confirms that s/he is numerate and literate and shall ensure that s/he properly understands and complies with all instructions and notices issued both before and during the lesson.

11.   MSM instructors operate under a franchise with Meadowbank School of Motoring Ltd.

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