Nervous? Don't Be

Your Meadowbank Driving Instructor will put you at ease, after meeting your instructor he or she will ask to see your provisional licence (Please bring both parts if it is the new style licence that you have) after checking your licence, you will be asked to read a car number plate to check your eyesight.

Your Meadowbank Driving Instructor will then drive you to a suitable place to start your lesson, on the drive you will be asked a few questions to determine how much you know about the car and to find out what experience you already have.

This will give your instructor an indication on where to start with the lesson. NO EXPERIENCE, Then you will start with the COCKPIT DRILL. This is how to set the car up for yourself to prepare to drive.

This is followed by a CONTROL'S LESSON where your instructor will explain what and where the controls are and how you will use them.

Depending on the duration of your lesson, you may do some moving off and stopping with the help of your Meadowbank Driving Instructor.


"Setting Standards"

Dual Control Cars

First 4 Lessons only �60